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Hi all. Has anyone had lung cancer that has spread to the stomach?

I think it's quite rare for a secondary cancer to be in the stomach - but unfortunately my dad had it confirmed today. He was due to have his 4th round of permetrexed/cisplatin tomorrow. They have now scheduled him to start a new course of Docetaxel on Friday. He's really deflated... He would have been over half way and now he's back at day one again.

If anyone here has any info/experience of being in the same situation it would be great to hear your thoughts :)

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I am sorry to hear that your dad's news is not more positive. It must be a horrible roller coaster for all of you. This is not one of the more common locations for lung cancer to spread. I will check with the team and see if we can find any useful source of information.

Meanwhile if anyone on the forum has relevant experience can you please post?

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Thanks Lorraine. It's worrying knowing he's dealing with something rare... Any info would be fantastic.


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