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Tomo theraphy

Hi jI have just joined , my mum has been diagnosed with what they says look like cancer on the right lung. still need to have a bronscopy to confirm. Seems doctors are pretty convinced its something more sinister than TB etc Im trying to prepare for the worse . I have been reading about Tomo theraphy which seems like a more advanced form of treatment than Chemo as it targets only bad cells. Has any one ever used this or know if this can be done of the Nhs or only private .?


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Sorry to hear about your mum it's a worrying time, but wait until your mum gets her results and then you can go from there.



hi i this three years ago I had my lung taken out



I don't know what your mum's diagnosis is but just wanted to say my mum had tomotherapy. We had to pay for it privately at the bupa hospital. If you read my posts you will see my mum has had great results with very little side effects. But she had to have 3 rounds of chemo beforehand. It was well worth it for us!

Wishing you all the best x


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