Squamous cell T4 N13A - Anyone going through the same, survival rates?

I have just finished my first cycle of chemotherapy, am to have another - then concurrent chemo/radiotherapy.

(2 more chemo's) Is there anyone who can give me some idea as what to expect when I have both treatments together. at present I am on 3 weekly cycles of cistplatin/venorbeline(?) The tumour is inoperable as it involves the pulmonary artery. I want honesty and people to be straight up with me. It seems the 1 nodule is local and no spread into other areas of my body. I think survival is something like 1 in 5 - unsure. Vee xx

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  • Hi Vee, I can't help you with the chemo and radiotherapy treatment as my tumor was pT2 Pn2 Mo squamous and I had a lobectomy then 4 cycles of cistoplatin/vinorelbine in 2011-12. I cannot say what I think about survival rates as we are all different ant respond differently to treatment. You should discuss the treatment regime and prognosis with your medical team. Just because your case is inoperable it doesn't mean you won't have a positive outcome, just read some of posts on this site. Please try to keep positive,eat healthily and exercise if you can. Keep us updated and good luck.

    Rab x

  • Hi I haven't posted for a while I was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 3b in 2007 and was inoperable I had combined chemo and radiotherapy and I will be honest it was tough as I had some side effects but I would go through it again it's 6 years next month and although I still have some rough days I have lots of good days too which I make the most of! I wish you well stay strong and positive x

  • Hello Vee, like Rabbie I haven't had both treatments together, however, my tumour is inoperable and is at stage 4, the cancer in is both lungs and my bones. I am currently receiving my third type of chemo (oncologist keeps trying different batches until he finds one that is going to work) 1st was 6 rounds of pemetrexed, carboplatin and avastin, then I went on a maintenance programme of just avastin. 2nd was 6 rounds of gemcitabine and carboplatin and now we are trying abraxane. Oncologists don't give up they keep trying and trying. Try to stay positive. Don't search for survival rates on the internet. Information is way out of date and every one of us is an individual and will react differently to treatments. When I was first diagnosed I searched the internet and went into a panic attack and then deep depression for weeks. My husband ended up putting a block on my PC. If I had taken onboard what I had read I should have died within 3 months! Stay strong, stay positive and consider anything the oncologist suggests. Please keep us posted. My thoughts are with you. Tallulah xxx

  • Thanks so much for your reply - it has helped enormously. specially about the panic attacks. Never had one before and have now had 3 in as many weeks. unfortunately I live on my own - so short of someone to block my web searches!!! Have decided to just get on with it and wait til January to see if it has worked. I must say all I do is burst into tears for no reason - get bad tempered and sleep!!! I am going to do battle though, one day at a time!! Vee x

  • Ditto with the bursting into tears every five minutes for no reason at all & the sleep. My daughter commented that I now sleep more than our cats. I seem to need at least 20 hours! I can wake up, shower, put clean PJ's on & then immediately lay on the sofa for more sleep. My PJ days out weigh my dressed days but it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. Take care xxx

  • Wow - what a turn round with the sleep - I managed 1 hour in 24 on Wed night - but last night I managed 8 hours with the help of prescribed 2mg diazepam!! Saw the oncologist yesterday and the treatment is continuing as planned - they say they won't know the effectiveness until Jan when the scarring has settled down from radiotherapy. So I guess its just gonna be plodding through each day until then - I have heard the radiotherapy is rather knackering - so am mentally preparing for that. Did you find it so?

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