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My father has suspected lung cancer and has just had a biopsy, but what are these symptoms?

Hi there, my Dad is 67 and had an x-ray when he complained about breathlessness when he lies down, gone within a minute though. He used to get an x-ray every year at his work because he had worked with asbestoes and radiation, but once the subs left the x-rays stopped. His last x-ray through work was 9 year ago, his chest was clear, but the recent x-ray showed three masses on his right lung. I'm not sure what these other symptoms are though. His artery and veins on his face, neck and chest are all protruding and visable, his right gland in armpit is a bit swollen, as is his right arm, his right shoulder has dropped considerably and his face feels tight, he has neck and shoulder pain. the breathlessness is now worse when he bends over and lies down, he has a cough, (he always has had since a bout of pnemonia in his late teens) but hasn't lost weight, and feels great apart from this. Are these symptoms caused by the cancer pressing onto his arteries? Does it have a name? His biopsy was yesterday, and the sample was taking from outside his lung, perhaps the lining, but we thought they were inside his lungs, the way the specialist spoke. He is being very positive, but there is no need to say about how devistated we all are, because you folks will know all about that, but I'm so worried for him, that i can hardly breathe sometimes at the thought of losing him. Regards, S

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Hi S, sorry to hear about your dad, it is a very stressful time for you all. I have no knowledge of the symptoms that your dad is showing. I certainly did not have them but we are all different and maybe some of the others on this site have experienced these. Once your dad's consultant has the results of the biopsy he/she can then start to give you all the options. Until then take the lead from your dad and try to stay positive and keep us posted please. Their are many people on this site to give you advice and support.



TY Rabbie, I thought that here would be the best place to find out if someone knows what this is, so fingers crossed. He just wants to get to the treatment - all the tests just can't come quick enough for him, but I think that is understandable. He is such a nice, quiet, kind family man, not particularly overly ambitious, who worked all his life for a good pension, so he could retire and see a bit of the world again. My heart breaks for him.


Hi Si,

As many people on this site will agree; waiting for results is the hardest time.

Like Rabbie says, try and stay positive for your Dad. Please keep in touch and let us know how your dad gets on.

Best wishes,

Beth on behalf of Information and support.

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Hi there,

As Rabbie and Beth say, just do your best to stay positive, and try to keep clear of folk who are too negative. Not always easy. Everyone's symptoms are different so it's difficult for a non-professional to read too much into them. Try speaking with the specialist nurse where your dad is being treated, and he/she may be able to give you a clearer picture of what's ahead.

Best wishes, Bill


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