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Why are we not being offered any further treatments?

Following a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer My husband has had 4 chemo treatments (they hoped to give six but stopped because he caught a chest infection). The mid point scan in Jan showed significant reduction. He then went on to have 12 radiotherapy sessions, which he finished about 5 weeks ago and is waiting to have another scan next week. He feels worse than before he started the treatment. We have not been offered any cancer slowing drugs since his diagnosis, he is only on morphine 45mg per day and gabapentin 3 times a day, all of which are for pain control. I don't understand why we are not being offered anything else to slow it down. Does anybody have any ideas it can't all be about money surely.

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Hi there.

It certainly shouldn't be about costs. You can continue feeling totally naff for long enough after treatment ends, so this isn't unusual. Best option is to speak with the CNS involved in your husband's case, and he/she should be able to give you the best advice possible.

Best wishes, Bill


My husband was very fatigued after chemo and radiation, that is not unusual. It is good that he showed significant reduction after the first scan, and they will review progress after the next one. Has he been tested for mutations? I think you should post the same question on you will get many more replies there. Be ready to ask questions at the next meeting with the Onc.

Good luck


Hi, I just thought I would share my experience with you as I hope it may make you feel a bit more hopeful. In 2007 I was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 3b at the age of 39. I too only had chemo and radiotherapy although I had them at the same time. I too never completed my chemo because it had affected my swallowing. I was really ill after my treatment and was on morphine and anti sickness via a syringe driver so as Bill says this isn t unusual.When I finished my treatment I too felt what happens now? I just have regular scans and although i have just had a little scare it turns out all is fine. Its 5 and a half years since my treatment and i still feel fatigued and have bad days so your husband may feel like this for a long time to come yet. I hope your husbands scan shows more reduction as the radiotherapy effects will still be working and that will give you peace of mind and will help you to feel more positive.Maybe you should tell your doctor how you feel and ask him why your husband hasn't been offered any further treatment. Good luck for your husbands next scan results x


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