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What are your favorite Lung Cancer related charities to donate to?

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I am a realtor and in effort to support my mother and all of us I would like to donate a portion of every sale to a Lung Cancer foundation/research fund/etc...

Can you please share your favorites? Thank you - here is to continuing to find a cure!

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I've been donating to the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer for more than a decade now, and am very impressed with its goals, financial integrity and support of LC research. go2foundation.org

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I’ve also been contributing to the Go2 Foundation. They are the organization that makes this page possible.

You may also consider donating to the oncology program where your mom is being treated.

GO2foundation (previously Lung Cancer Alliance). The dollars we raise are small compared to what is accomplished through their advocacy for federal NIH and other funding for research. I also value the information and supportive services they offer as well as direct funding of researchers.

Roy Castle lung cancer foundation

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