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Suspicious lesion on lung put on hold


My needle bioposy was inconclusive, suspicious. The lung nodule was found while investigating a spinal meningioma. The oncology docs and tumor docs got together and determined yesterday that I could have the meningioma surgery first, and when stable, have a lung wedge resection to get the lesion out. The M has both my hands numb and is affecting the stability of my gait. I go in hosp. on 7/10. Has anyone out there had a similar experience? Advice to share? Because of this Covid, my husband has to drop me at the hosp. door, Bye! Hope to see you in a few days. I feel very vulnerable and anxious.

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This is certainly a scary time for you. It sounds as though your doctors have carefully weighed your options before making this decision. I hope your surgeries go well and the feeling in your arms and your gait stability return. It is especially difficult in this time of Covid to go through any sort of surgery, but our countries are taking precautions to prevent us from getting this nasty bug. I will pray for your successful surgeries and recovery.

Stay safe and stay well. Jean

dunnellon in reply to JeanE41

Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I know it's important to keep a positive attitude. It's just hard knowing my hubs won't be there.


This is something outside of my experience and I was hoping someone would check in with experience.

The gait and numbness issues do seem to be the priority. If the nodule is small enough it should not be dangerous to leave alone for a bit.

Sending hope that things go smoothly on the 10th. Did they say how long they would wait before scheduling the lung resection?

dunnellon in reply to Denzie

My Neuro said about 6 weeks. I go to the hosp. at 6am tomorrow.

This is a very difficult time for you..and not allowing hospital visitors is so depressing. It's tough to go it alone. Do you have the ability to face time your husband? I know it is not the same as having him hold your hand and just plain be there.

I wish the best possible outcomes with your surgeries. Do your best to stay upbeat . Smile a lot. Sing. Find something that will amuse you or entertain you on your phone. I found on u tube a whole bunch of stuff that makes me laugh. Look for the Cambodian monkies . Or puppies or whatever floats your boat. The choices are there. Do your best .

good luck. JAne

dunnellon in reply to JRuthI1946

Thanks so much for the encouragement! The meningioma operation went well. I still have pain in my neck, significant at times, but notice improvement every couple of days. My hands and foot are still numb, but I feel changes in dexterity of my right hand. Talked today to the thoracic surgeon who will be doing the lung operation. I need a couple more weeks to heal and then a lung function test and another PET scan and off to surgery. I don't know how I can walk on a treadmill. I can walk with my numb foot but not fast in any way without losing my balance! I would look like one of those laughable videos!:)

Hubs and I can't face time. Maybe in a month they'll let him come into the hosp. Although everyone was very empathetic, I do dread being alone again, esp. not knowing how much lung I'll wake up to. I haven't told my kids (grown) yet. We all live 1000 miles from each other.

I know you think you are helping your children to escape being upset and depressed by not telling them. I do understand. HOWEVER: THAT BEING SAID ..rethink your choice. They are adults and you are their mother.

You will do what is best

dunnellon in reply to JRuthI1946

Thank you for weighing in on this. I did the same thing with the meningioma, told them after the operation was over and I was home. They took it ok, just a little frosted, my oldest. I didn't want any of them risking their families by travelling, and 2 out of 3 might have. I think you're right in this case. It will not be a once and done event and personally, I think I will welcome their compassion and support. I'm still weighing it, but leaning towards bringing them up to date. Thanks again. Appreciated!

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