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Lung decease


Hi everyone I'm writing this post to let you all know I'll be around. I still want to give hope and help. I have emphysema. Hospice is coming in now. Don't know when I'm not bed bound or house bound yet that's coming soon enough. I'm really 😢. But listen up while I'm still around I will help and give everyone hope. The cancer can be cured mine is still gone will be 6 years in a few months. So please don't give up keep fighting. There are so many new treatments and more on the way. My sweetheart bought me a guardian angel necklace I where it even though I know she's by my side watching over me. We all have a angel beside us all the time our whole life's she's there to watch over us. Every one on here you all have been wonderful and I'm so proud of all of you for not giving up. This community has been my salvation. I'm so glad to have known you all. But I'm not gone yet I'll be around for awhile longer. Love you all so much you've been like family to me. With all my love susiejo1948

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I love you too hon. I don't know how to send a heart via laptop keyboard, but here is a hug (?) ((( )))



Thank you for letting us know what’s going on. It makes me sad to know that you have come to this point but it would be much sadder if you left us without saying goodbye.

Sending prayers for comfort and easing of your symptoms. When the time comes I hope you have a gentle landing.

In the meantime, I send hope that you are one of those patients who thrives under hospice care and actually get better. Your voice has been important to the success of this site and you’ve brought comfort to many newly diagnosed patients.

Of course the words you’ve written here will be available to help others long after you and I are gone. That will be part of your lagacy.

Susiejo, I am sorry about your emphysema. You have been a courageous survivor of lung cancer and have always been an encourager. Your voice has been an important one on this site. Hospice is a wonderful organization. They have been there for several of my relatives. Because of what I have experienced with them as they cared for family, I decided after I went into remission to become a hospice volunteer. I visit patients and listen to their stories. They have so much to share. Please, as you can, continue to share with us. You are needed here. You will be in my prayers.

With love,


Hang in there Susie’s! Keep us posted!

You are a strong person and I have gained a lot from your posts. Sorry you have are dealing with this.

Judy 1943

Sending you loving and gentle hugs, SusieJo. You have offered encouragement to so many and I hope you can feel our love and support for you. Update when you can. 💓

SusieJo, I hope that the supportive care from hospice helps you live more comfortably. So glad you will still be here on the site as much and as long as you can.

I’m so sorry to hear this, SusieJo. Bless you as you engage this next step. I am sure your guardian angel is staying close by your side as you say and pray she will guard you from despair and sadness. I am praying for your comfort, comfort, and trust. Thank you for your commitment to this forum. I post rarely but read often, and yours is a voice we can always count on

hi susiejo ive been reading everything you write you completely give me hope my question is if the cancers gone why is hospice coming in!!!!!!!

I have emphysema close to last stage. The cancer is gone almost 6 years. I'm not dying from cancer I'm dying from emphysema. How are you doing would really like to know. Love susiejo1948

I have Stage 4 NSCLC for 6 1/2 yrs ago ,still on the targeted therapyEGFR mutation Tarceva , 1 craniotomy , Cyberknife, & recurrent brain tumor w Cyberknife radiation & alvastine infusion. So far i’m Still kicking ,not to think about hospice, when the time comes i’m Ok with it. Just be thankful each day .

hi susiejo1948 I hope they can help you with your latest health problems you seemed to defeat everything so far I have stage 3a adrencarcinma going on 2 and half years and so far all my scans have been showing NED I in my head never feel like its gone!! lot of pain in the scar area from the surgery they took out right lobe and three ribs it was a pancoast tumor so far so good it really messes with my mental health I don't want you going no where you are so helpful to listen to


You have helped so many people on this site. I still read all of the posts that you write in response to people that have just come on or have questions.

You give so much hope especially to those who are new here.

You are very loved by many and I think all the time about what you say to others.

The nurse in me has to ask, have you had a second opinion? You seem as though you are doing so well. There are several new meds for emphysema on the market, have they tried those? What is making your condition worse?

Sorry for all of the questions, but I really want you to have the best care. You have so much positive love to give it doesn’t seem fair. Did you have symptoms that have been worse lately ? Why do they believe this is happening ?

I am praying so hard for you Jo. I am thinking of you.

Take cAre and love and hugs,


Praying for you! None of this is easy.. sending love and light your way susiejo..

Thank you lisamk55 thinking of you hoping your doing fine. I will be here for awhile would like to here from you. Love susie jo1948

You’re so brave Susie. Hang in there *hugs*

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