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Question about SBRT


Hi everyone, I am meeting with the oncologist to discuss SBRT radiation therapy. Can anyone tell me about their experience with side effects due to this treatment. I did hear about possibility of broken ribs? Thank you

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I have had the radiation to a lymph node in my chest as well as my left hip. Had swallowing problems for a few days after the node was radiated but other than that no side effects or problems.

Seaspray thanks for your reply

Hi can you tell me if you had to take steroids and what dose for the radiation?

Hi hedgehoggy ~ No steroids were given for my chest or hip radiation. The only time steroids were ordered was when I had the gamma knife machine for my brain lesions, but thankfully I did not need to take them!

I had sbrt to a single lung lesion. 5 treatments in 7 days. No noticeable side effects except a bit tired. Different hospitals use different machines-for mine, I had to lie still but was not immobilized in a “bag” which sort of vacuum-seals you in there.

Thanks for the info Jennifer. Is it true that they implant seeds into the tumor?

I had a walnut-sized lesion reminded by craniotomy in which they implanted radioactive “seeds”, but the lung radiation was completely external process except for receiving theee dots of ink (tattoos) to help them align the machine/my body exactly the same each treatment

Thank you!

What part of your body needs radiation?


As Jenniferroseolson said, you will go in usually the day before and it marks put on the spot to be radiated. Once mine were stickers, the other time a black marker was used. Ask your radiologist if this radiation will effect your esophagus. If the answer is possible, then ask for the prescription "Magic Mouthwash" which is good to have on hang if needed. Esophagitis is a known side effect and it makes it difficult to swallow. Please feel free to ask any other questions!

I did fracture ribs - but surprisingly they did not hurt much, they were discovered by x-ray when looking to see if I had pneumonia. Turned out the problem breathing was the ribs. Since there is nothing they can do, they healed on their own. I just had to take it slow and easy for a bit. If I were you, I wouldn't worry much about it - for me it probably happened because I have had breast cancer in each breast and 6 weeks of radiation each time, so I was "fragile" from the start. Praying all goes well for you!

I had 5 rounds of SBRT to upper right lung nodule in January 2019. My nodule was/is very close to the chest wall and I was warned that I could develop chest wall pain and possible rib fracture later. I developed pain which radiated to my back in October 2019. Was told by radiation oncologist that 10 months post is not uncommon for developing side effects of this treatment for this location. I have found that icing works the best for pain. It flares when I lift too much, sometimes even bags of groceries.

The actual process of getting SBRT is as already mentioned. I did not experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Wishing you all the best.

I had 5 rounds recently, the worst was that when you laying dawn you have to force yourself not to cough. Otherwise it was ok

Thanks Vlad1950

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