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SBRT has started


I had my first SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy) treatment on Wednesday June 17. As expected the first treatment was longer because they were making sure everything was just right. I did not expect to have a metallic taste in my mouth afterward as well as being nauseated and very tired that night. The second treatment yesterday went very smoothly, but again experienced a queasy stomach and was very fatigued that night. I mentioned the symptoms at the second treatment and was told it was not usual, but everyone reacts differently. I meet with the doctor after today's treatment and hope to get some answers. If the fatigue continues to increase, I may need rides to the upcoming treatments. Now I will have a two day rest before treatment number four on Monday.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Jean

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Hi Jean,

Thanks for posting and sharing in our community. My name is Miranda Goff and I am the Manager of Support Services at GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer.

I'm so sorry to hear about your side effects from radiation (SBRT), how many more treatments are you scheduled for?

I'm glad to hear you plan to talk to your doctor about your side effects as he or she may have some treatment options to help you cope some of the stomach issues. As for the fatigue, since radiation has cumulative effects, finding rides to help you get home in case you are fatigued after your next treatment sounds like a good plan. Do you have friends or family who can help with this? If not, I do believe the Road to Recovery Program is operating in certain areas. I have linked the information here:

I'm sure others will share personal experiences about how they dealt with side effects of radiation on this forum, but GO2 also has some tips and suggestions for coping with side effects like fatigue on our website. Here is the link:

Thinking of you!


JeanE41 in reply to Miranda_GO2

Today will be my third treatment out of ten. Thank you for the response. My daughter's have agreed to drive me next week. If they cannot, I have friends who would help out.

Seaspray298 in reply to JeanE41

The fatigue is real....I kept drinking coffee as I was too afraid to be with anyone in a car. I did not have the metal taste but was light headed on and off. Hope the rest of your treatments are smooth sailing!

JeanE41 in reply to Seaspray298

Thank you. It's good to hear the fatigue and lightheadedness happens to others.

Seaspray298 in reply to JeanE41

The side effects lasted about a week after I finished although I pushed myself to exercise. I stopped taking afternoon naps last week!!! One day at a time!

sorry to learn you had so many side effects. the metallic taste is quite common across a range of treatments - whenever I've had it, the one thing that has cut through it was pineapple - tinned, fresh or juice and other tropical fruits. hope you feel better soon.

JeanE41 in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you for the suggestion. Fortunately that symptom only lasted one day. No one at the radiation center can explain it. Just one of my idiosyncrasies. Now it's on to week two.

My fatigue didn’t last past the radiation days itself. Best wishes.

Thank you. Just two treatments to go, so looking forward to getting my energy back.

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