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5mm met found in my nrain

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I was diagnosed stage 3a lung cancer, lobrcyomy December 7 2017 removed right upper and middle lung and 2 lymph nodes in my chest and 6 months chemo and 30 treatments radiation and the 3 months later a Timor 3 cm in brain, removed with surgery and 5 days of radiation... now last week 3 months later again a 5mm met was found different area and my radiologist today called me in to say it’s very tiny and can be zapped 2 days and be gone.... very little edema surrounds the 5mm liaison. So now I guess they will kill the met in my head till what the next time ?? Is this my life now stage 4. All I think is I’m going to die

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Dear Lovey, I’m sorry to hear about the new brain met and I understand your frustration, you’ve already been through so much in the past year.

Have you considered a clinical trial? Or perhaps getting a second opinion?

Sometimes we do what we can in the interim while seeking out better options.

Sending you hope and prayers.


Went to Uc Davis said I’m NeD but there’s a 5 mm met they will radiate out for 3 days

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Doctors sayi don’t qualify cause being Ned since brain surgery sept 2018

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Dear Lovey,

Please know that my friend George, who went by the screen name stage4survivor, went through a similar process. His lung cancer was found because of the brain mets. 2 years later they reoccurred and ha had them radiated. He lived another 16 years after that. You can google him by his screen name.

Dear Lovey,

So sorry to hear all that you have been through. However, don't give up! You never know what is coming down the pike, so radiate the newest tumor, hope it doesn't come back, and if that does happen, perhaps there will be new treatment by then. It was 5 years between my first breast ca (right) and my second (left) and the difference in treatment was astounding! The advances that came down the pike made survival of the 2nd one an assurance instead of just a hope!! Zap that new one into the ozone and keep on fighting.

God Bless,


Lovey1000, I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2013. I am in remission now so stage 4 doesn’t always mean a death sentence. There are a lot of us surviving and thriving. Maintain hope, think positive, and have faith you will be a survivor, too. This is a great community who knows what it is to feel your fear and will happily share their knowledge and experience. Keep us posted on what’s going on with you.


Please try to think positive. I was diagnosed at stage IV in March of 2015 and at the time I had a brain met and also a pulmonary embolismm. it all came on in 2 days with what I thought was vertigo I was immediately hospitalized and through further testing learned that I actually had lung cancer in the brain tumor was a met. The good news is that I'm doing quite well today and have been stable for over two and a half years.

The brain met was quickly taken care of by CyberKnife, a one-time high dose and has never returned. I know it could be a scary diagnosis but things can go very well and there are so many new treatment options today that people are living long lives. I will happily celebrate 4 years of my cancer journey in March and hope there will be many many more years to come.

Best wishes


This disease that binds us here is nasty and unpredictable, so we have to take things as they come. Fortunately there are new treatments and techniques being developed all the time to combat it. It sounds like you are in good hands and your medical team is keeping a watchful eye on you. You are a strong woman and will handle this well. I'll send prayers and good thoughts your way for successful eradication of this new tumor. Hang in there.


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