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Have become unstable 2 years since treatment


I am 2 years post surgery and treatment with chemo and radiation. 2 months ago I have become very unstable and have had a doctor tell me that this can happen up to 6 years out. Had anyone else had this problem?I did not make myself clear by unstable I meant my walking. I'm very unstable on my feet. I was told this could be neurothpy due to my chemo and radiation from two years ago. looking for some answers. Sorry for the confusion.

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Yes! As a matter of fact I’m going through it 7.5 almost 8 years out. I’m blaming my increase and new nodule on illness. I had pneumonitis which can make a nodule bigger and the second one on living in a cloud of Lysol. Exposure to chemical fumes can cause nodules to develop or grow. I hope yours is simple like that.

What do you mean by unstable? Did you have progression? Were you NED after surgery?

I have Stage IV NSCLC and at my stsge being non curable. I've always known or felt that the cancer may never be fully stable. I'm currently stable but not NED, that would be like a miracle for me.

I never had the option of surgery or ever been told I'll ever be cancer free. I think it greatly varies by Stage and treatments. However, it's always been my best understanding that you need to be cancer free for several years before you are considered cured, 7-10 years with no recurrence.

Best wishes


I was treated with concurrent chemo/radiation in 2011 and did not have significant issues with balance or walking until 2014. My right leg became weak, my right toes are almost numb most of the time, my right foot drops lightly, and my right ankle tends to roll. I had various physical therapy treatments and later was treated with botox in my leg I, all of which did not provide much improvement. I was put in a brace in 2016 that lifts my right foot and prevents ankle roll and that has helped greatly. I've been told there is not much else that can be done for me, but since I am cancer free 7 years after diagnosis I accept this as my new normal.

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thank you. I am just now being told of this.

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