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Your Voices, Part 2: “Scanxiety; it really is true”


Scans can be a scary time for everyone. Being unsure of what your scan results may bring can cause anxiety for those awaiting results, and even for those who have not yet had their scan. Scanxiety is the term given to this anxiety felt by those who are undergoing a lung cancer scan.

Over the past few months, HealthUnlocked has been conducting research on the Lung Cancer Support Community. This is to learn more about the emotional impacts of a diagnosis on an individual and the ways that people reach out to find information, support and ways of coping. We’ve created a 4 part video series in which people with lung cancer discuss these topics in their own words. These videos will be shared in the community over a 4 week period. Today's video centres around the impact of scans.

Part 2: Scanxiety

The results from our recent survey showed that scanxiety effects all lung cancer patients, regardless of whether your scan is coming up, you’re waiting for your results, or even if you don’t have a scan planned in the near future.

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Are all the videos of the same people. I thought there would be different people in each one of the four videos to ot let others voices be heard. Thank you susie jo 1948

in reply to SusieJo1948

Hi Susiejo,

We had a limited number of responses to the video survey and, due to the editing process, not all the responses can be included in every video. However, there will be some other responses included in the later videos, so do keep an eye out for those.



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