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Missing my husband


Hello everyone!! After a long time to made a post until now I have time to share with you all that my husband passed away this past May 28 , he was doing great with Tarceva unfortunately he developed multiple blood clots on both lungs, and suddenly he couldn't breath, the paramedics did everything on his power to help him but it was to late, we lost him. He was under treatment for 2 years and 4 days he worked so hard for being good, this past three months he was suffering pain on his back that keep us in and out of ER , even taking morphine didn't worked to manage this pain. He stopped eating, he wasn't speaking that much, it looked that he was preparing is body to say good bye. It is so hard for us not having him here with us. We miss him so much, I need to be strong for my children, my boy turned 11 he is so sad asking a lot a questions that I can't answer , my daughter is 25 she has Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual disability she doesn't know what's going on she is just asking about her dad in her own way, she is non verbal. Now everything is different, I don't have a job, I don't have money, my family husband's just turned them back at us and took away from us my husband's stuff that will help us to survived ,(my husband was a truck driver (they took my husband's eighteen wheeler )). Now we are on our own, please pray for us. I'm still believed in God, I'm sure that he will help us. Thanks for your support and information that I received for this site to allowed me to take care of my husband. God bless you.

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Prayers for you and your family. May God look over you and may your husband rest in peace.

So very sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family peace as you navigate this very difficult time.

Deeply saddened ! Be strong ! Never give up !!

I know things look horrible right now, try and take things one day at a time. Realize that you are valued and loved by many. You have my deepest sympathy.

My husband also died on February 15. He had brain cancer lasted 4 months. I have stage IV lung cancer. Was diagnosed in July of 2015. Still fighting the fight but without my rock. He was there for almost ever 23 chemo treatments, 5 cyberkniefs on the lung, 5 cyberkniefs on the left pelvic tumor. Now I have a tumor in the bone in my right hip. Start radiation on Tuesday 10 treatments. I’m very thankful for all my friends and family. It gets so rough at times but I know larry would want me to keep the faith and fight with All I have. Stay strong. We are warriors

Fabymire so sad for you. But you will miss him. Think of all the good memories you will always have them. The love you have for him you will always have him in your heart. I'm glad you posted I always thinking of you. Wondering how you were oh faby I will always be here if you need a friend. Love susiejo1948.


So very sorry for your loss and pain. He was much to young.

So Sorry to hear your Husband died it must be one of the worst things to happen anyone, it's good you are not on your own and having your Children will bring you comfort. I hope and pray things will get better you you in time, trust in God he will help you'

God bless,

Joeyroe. (Margaret)

So sorry for your loss......Please take care of yourself. God be with you and guide you. I too, lost my husband many years ago when he was 40. I have been a widow ever since. My youngest was 12. He took it hard at the time. It will be rough for a long time unless you are lucky and have help. I got none. Today I am almost 70 and still miss him dearly, but I am doing OK. You will, too, eventually.......

so sorry for your loss remember the good times ,and try to take comfort that he is not suffering anymore ,god bless you and your family big hugs to you all xx

Praying for you and your family.

So sorry to hear about your loss and situation.I have nsc lc since about November 2017. Treatment has been going pretty good but us cancer people worry about every scan. I don't understand how somebody took his truck. I bet you could find free legal help, or lawyers work on contingency a lot so you don't need money up front. I follow politics a lot also and support the folks trying to get universal health care. Children shouldn't have to beg on tv to get a wheelchair or cancer treatment. And people should not go broke trying to pay for healthcare either. I was in Canada quite a few years ago and everybody gets healthcare from a national sales tax I believe. I don't believe that the latest give aways to the already rich makes any kind of sense at all. The dude from Amazon has $ 150 billion dollars ! It seems like a really lousy government that would give more money to him. How about an excessive wealth tax and throw a few bucks to folks like yourself who are in financial difficulty, probably a lot of which was caused by health care costs? I don't mean to stir up a hornet's nest of political discussion but if you think about it I don't think good health care should just be for the rich and the rest of us should just go broke and die. Ask Jeff Bezos for some of his $ 150 billion or maybe part of his tax refund. Sorry for my pontificating. Maybe if Jeff gets cancer he could see his way clear to funding research instead of feeding his ego playing around with rocket ships like he does now.

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