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Uterine Cancer


About three weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer. In a CT-Scan they found multiple nodules on her lungs. Theyre <1.5cm. Anyway the oncologist said that because she has nodules it can be considered stage 4, but still sent her for a PET/CT scan for neck, chest, pelvis and abdomen. The thing is she doesn't have symptoms of stage 4 uterine cancer at all! Has anyone else gotten scared from the results of a CT scan or PT scan? Can it really tell if the cancer has spread that much in 3 weeks?

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Hi I don't know it depends on what type of cancer it is whether it's slow growing or fast and aggressive. Wish I knew more you may want to get second option. Let me know how things are going. There are a lot of new treatments that really work. Their easier on the stomach you don't get as sick. Although they may want to get really aggressive with it . I had stage 3 and lymph nodes I am a 5 and a half years survivor. Tell your mom that miracles happen. I'm one. Tell her to keep fighting and don't give up There is hope. I will be thinking of her and you. I know it's scary but hang on there Love susiejo1948


First thing you need to do is get started on getting a second opinion at a teaching hospital that has a National Comprehensive Cancer Network designation. Ovarian cancer, like lung cancer usually does not produce symptoms until its stage 4. For most cancers to reach 1cm it has been growing a long time.

It’s important to know that a uterine cancer that metasticizes to the lungs is still a uterine cancer (UC) and will respond to UC treatments, not necessarily lung cancer treatments.

All that said, if you live anywhere in the Mississippi River Valley or in any of the rivers that contribute to it (Like the Ohio River) there’s a possibility that the nodules are related to histoplasmosis. Half the population of Michigan (where I live) will die of old age never knowing they had those nodules. And there’s the possibility is that they could be related to illness or exposure to fumes. Which is why I strongly recommend a second opinion.


There is an ovarian cancer forum here at Health Unlocked. I send hope that your mom thrives through and after her treatment.


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