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Prayers Today for my Sister


We have an appointment this morning to go over the results of the genetic testing and to see what treatment to follow. We’re praying for favorable markers 🙏🏼. She is having so much trouble breathing especially in the am when she wakes up that I’m thinking she might need oxygen like when she was in the hospital.

Right now she’s taking aerosol which she finds hard to deal with.

She also saw an infectious diseases doctor who recommended all sorts of vaccines since they removed her spleen during VATS. We will check today with oncologist to ensure it’s necessary.

Thank you all for listening - praying for the doctors’ success in healing my sister.

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Prayers and thoughts on their way:)

2020CURE in reply to FtB_Peggy

Thank you Peggy!

Prayers your way :-)

2020CURE in reply to Hopeful4dad

Thanks so much!


By now you’ve received the news and I’m hoping it was the information you wanted. What were the oncologists recommendations?

2020CURE in reply to Denzie

We’re waiting for the doctor now. 🙏🏼

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