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Recently diagnosed Interstitial Pneumonitis

Having had my biopsy results I thought I would have some answers to the many questions I have. My lung doctor told me he wants a second opinion. I am a SLE patient and what’s causing the problem is I am on immunesurpresent drugs so he is sure how I got this inflammation and scarring. I also have consoludation and cavity around the lung. Anybody out there with the same. He’s also told me I have NSIP

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I had to look up NSIP. Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. Can you please tell us which immunosuppressant Therapy you were on? Is the therapy for lung cancer?

I’m impressed with your dr asking you to get a second opinion and you definitely should. Where are you being seen? Are you receiving any steroid treatment for this? Please be advised that the 2 immunotherapy drugs used most in lung cancer- Opdivo and Keytruda- list pneumonitis as possible side effects.


I have nonspecific interstitial pneumonitis.


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