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Hello, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (IDC &TNBC) in 2013. This was about 8 months after my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (IDC). I was prompted by her nurse to do a breast exam and I did. Two months later, I went to the ER around 2am with chest pain and was informed I had Stage 4 Non Small Cell Metastatic Lung Cancer.

I thought I was going to lose my mind to say the least. Although I've been through Hell, I'm still holding on by the grace of GOD! I know a lot of you can relate. I'm thinking about writing a book someday.

look forward to communicating with you all.

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I know the "Big C" never seems to continue to show up in my lung. I encourage you to write that book.


Welcome! I look forward to reading your contributions.

I'm a survivor of both lung and breast cancer myself but my lung cancer was first.

May I ask where your triple negative breast cancer was treated? A member of my group is dealing with this. I'm urging her to get second opinion.


I was treated at Freodtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. Please go to thier website at Freodtert.Com and view the list of doctors and services they offer for Breast Cancer patients. I hope this helps and I'm sending up a prayer for you and your friend.


Thank you for this. I will definitely share this with her.


Welcome Shebattlescancer,

We are so happy to have you join us. You certainly have a lot of experience to share.

I am deeply sorry that you have dealt with so much, such a hard road you find yourself traveling along. Please know that you are not alone, that we want to hear from you and help you when we can. Comfort and strength in numbers?!

If you don't mind sharing, where are you in your treatments at this point? Keep up the fight, as I said, you are not alone!


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