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hi , is it normal to feel pain all day everyday, and swelliing?

i can barely walk at times due to lymphedema in my left leg.I have suffered for 10 yrs approx but very painful to me in the last couple of years, does it get worse as time goes on?

I was only diagnosed this week, well the vascular doctor said she believes it to be lymphedema this week, and is referring me to lymphedema clinic, and pain management..

Do they do additional tests at the clinic or is it just for treatment.they have ruled out vascular insufficiency , thankyou , x

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Hi Alena, Sorry you are having such a tough time - at least you now have a diagnosis and are on the right route to getting some treatment. Pain varies from one person to another but most people find that once they are in the right support garments the discomfort is more manageable. Let us know how you get on and visit the website for more info.


Hi Alena,

I didn't get any extra tests at the clinic but I have had several changes of support stockings till I found what suited me best. Like you I also have a lot of pain at times and I have stronger stockings for those days, which really help with the pain. I find that the pain increases when my body thinks I am doing too much but I need to work to pay the bills.

In terms of it getting worse as time goes on, I think that totally depends on each individual and their circumstances. Your clinic nurse will be able to help with ways of managing your LE and you should be reviewed fairly frequently so that your legs can be measured and monitored. I hope this helps a little bit.



Hi Alena, I find you get used to the comfort. I would be lsot without my class 3 stockings I dont feel comfortable without the support. As for the pain there are times when it is painful but I am used to it now and try to not let it get to me.

I hope you get sorted by the clinic and given time to adjust things will get better.


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