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NEW LSN videos showing you how to manage your lymphoedema with self lymphatic drainage available now.

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The LSN has worked with Kendal Lymphology to produce 4 videos showing SLD sequences that you can do at home to help manage your lymphoedema. There are 4 titles depending on wher you have your swelling and are available free on our YouTube channel. Copy and paste the links below into your browser. Legs arms head/face and neck Breast and chest wall

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Hello, I've watched the videos and followed the one relating to leg Lymphoedema.

I have Lymphoedema in both legs and have had Lymph nodes removed from both sides of my pelvis. I was just wondering if there was a video demonstrating MLD of both legs and also if you could explain to me where the Lymph goes to if you don't have Lymph nodes in your pelvic area.

I do have a Lymphoedema nurse and she is so lovely but, after watching the video I started to think about the situation I have and how I've never actually questioned the massaging. I've just got on with it.

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Thanks for watching the videos. The technique and sequence for both legs would be the same as for the one, you would do the most swollen side first all the way through and then repeat it with the less swollen side. Although you have had lymph nodes removed from both sides of your groin there are actually lymph nodes throughout our bodies, behind the knees, on the inner thigh, near our belly buttons and in other places. The lymph is all aiming to get up to your collar bones where it is drained back into the blood stream and if one route is blocked it will try to find another way. That is what SLD aims to do, to encourage the lymphatic fluid to a route that is clearer, in your case that may be via the nodes in your abdomen or even your back. 

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That is so informative and reassuring.Thankyou 😊

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