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Sore vein on my foot that feels like electric shock going through my right hand side also pins and needles in my hand

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Hello does anyone have a sore vein should I see the dr as I write I have pins and needles in my hand the vein is on my foot and stings when I put a shoe on

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Yes - talk to a medical professional. Try NHS24 first - their advisors will give advice.

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Get on to the top person in your medical team at once. If you are still under an oncologist call them. In the meantime I would call one of the cancer charity helplines such CRUK for their friendly advice.

I have excessive hard skin on my left foot that half the time I can not reach to pumice away. It does ease with showering or steeping my feet, but at one time when I was more nimble, I used to be able to pair it away until it was comfortable. Now I need a chiropodist. Re pins and needles I used to get this when wearing compression socks and I will occasionally get it in my arms and shoulder, if I have lain on a nerve when sleeping.

I have found a few answers. Showering and steeping your feet should help ease the pain of varicose veins as will the application of heat. A heat pad or ribbed hot water bottle. For daytime comfort wear boots that have laces which will allow you to tie them so that the boots support your ankles. If you don't like boots shoes with good arch supports are the next best thing, but they should also fit you comfortably and support your foot.

Feet troubles are caused by ill fitting shoes and boots, so go to a retailer where you can try shoes and boots on without feeling pressurised to buy. Not sure of yourself, go back with a friend. Remember if you buy shoes that are cheap and comfortable you will need a good 2 or 3 pairs a year, so sometimes it is better to buy a more expensive shoes with a guarantee of some wear and tear that can offer you better support and protection. Good luck.

Good morning, I hope, to you and hopefully a Happy 2022, know you are extremely good with all connected with this dreadful Lymphoedema Mo so thought I would ask you if you could advise me please. I am having a normal bought of cellulitis and am taking usual medication for it but this is the first time my left calf has been swollen and am a little worried, is this something that happens with lymphoedema/cellulitis or is it something else, have been a little concerned since the cell started on Friday just gone so am into the 5 day of antibiotics.

Hope you do not mind me asking you as know we have been on this site for a long, long time and without it would be lost, also made many friends here.

Poor Hopalong is not at well, in contact with regularly she is on Facebook.

Do hope you can advise me bless you. xxxxx

It is not out of the ordinary to have more than one site for the cellulitis, but if the pain you feel affects you to the point of feeling like you can not walk with out an aid, say a walking stick or a crutch just for a little added support or indeed if the skin colour is changing as well as swelling up further, this could indicate that your lymphoedema has been aggravated or the cellulitis is worse than when it first appeared. In these circumstances intravenous antibiotics for a week followed by oral antibiotics and maybe even a combination of two antibiotics would resolve the problem. I would say to you though that as all of us respond differently to medications, your best course of action is an emergency appointment with your doctor and if you can not get one a visit to A and E, is exactly what I would do. Look at it and ask yourself how bad is it with respect to pain? What colour is it? How swollen is it? Do you feel the cellulitis has gone down to the bone? As Cellulitis is an infection of the skin layers and it can spread down to the bone or the blood stream, if ignored and not treated correctly. And at this juncture any treatment would be invasive. So please if your cellulitis is really bad, go back to your GP or to A & E and ask them to sort you out.

Here's hoping 2022 sees you getting better.

roDearest Mo, bless you for replying to me, I never knew that cell could reach down to the very bone or make a difference to suddenly make a change like swelling in the leg. I take Clarythrorycin (sorry for the spelling) and am on 1 daily constantly, when I have an attack of cell they get upped to 8 a day, 4 morning and 4 nightly as allergic to penicillin, have only been on clarythro for 5 days so best give them a little longer to do the job they should be doing, usually works after 14 days. It was this swelling in my left calf that has worried me and thought I would ask if anyone has had the same thing.

You have explained the situation extremely well and can not thank you enough for doing this for me, although we all may get about of cell and take the medication it clears up in time with rest etc., but there is so much more as you have explained and it sounds like I should read up more of what this really can do to you it has really opened my eyes even though I have had it for a good 20 odd years.

Do not know what I would ever do without this site or lovely, dear people like yourself explaining what this can do to you, I can never thank you enough for replying to me about this bless you.

I also hope and pray that 2022 will bring you a more healthy, peaceful and a very safe one. xxxxx

You are very welcome. It was 2014 when I had my first bout of Cellulitis and at the time I hadn't a clue as to how I got it. So I was treated in a tropical diseases department as they thought I may have been bitten by a horse fly or as our climate is apparently getting warmer a mosquito type fly brought in to the country via tourists. They also took a sample of my blood and tested it for Sepsis as I was also made aware that cellulitis can lead to Sepsis if not caught in time. But the pain I had was intense, my foot looked both blue and red and was very swollen.

Thing is, I also had a severe breakout of Eczema, in other parts of my body and eventually they thought the infection had got in due to my persistent scratching and breaking of my skin. I was shocked to learn this as the eczema was on my arms, upper legs and stomach, nowhere near my feet. When I arrived at hospital, I was using a walking stick and could barely walk. So everyday for 7 days, I had two different lots of antibiotics via a canula valve into my blood stream and then a further 10 days of two different antibiotics orally. I was given a pair of crutches to replace my dad's walking stick and I had some time off work.

The bouts of cellulitis I have had since, have both been a lot less troublesome than the first and have been treated by oral antibiotics as they were caught very early. Which reminds me of the first bout when the hospital asked me how long I had tolerated the changing nature of my ankle problem due to how shiny, hard, swollen and the many shades of blue and red it was. When I told them it had been coming on for around a week and worsening everyday and at that point the hospital specialist frightened me something silly with talk of infections of the bone and invasive practices to drain it and adding to this the fact that sepsis can be life threatening. All of which gave me the horrors.

I am now pleased to say, I have been cellulitis free for 4 years now. I hope you will be free of it soon.

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