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Documentary style video about lymphoedema

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The following video portrays some of challenges of lymphoedema. It's about 30 minutes long but worth watching imo:

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Thanks Perido!X will watch tomorrow 👍

This is a new superb documentary endorsed by the Lymphatic Education & Research Network LE&RN (an international charity) with medically accurate information and portrayal of the Lymphoedema patient experience.

It’s relevant to medics, newly diagnosed, anyone overweight/obese or who will be undergoing any type of surgery, and friends & family of Lymphies who think we ‘only have a minor swelling problem’.

Thanks for posting it on this page Perido 😊 x

Hi PeridoI’ve tried the link but it’s not working. Could you please repost maybe ? I’m very interested to watch it

Thank you

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Perido in reply to Miliverpool

I've now rectified the link in my original post. If it doesn't work try searching on 'vimeo not so swell'

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