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Lymphoedema and Lyme


I found a tick imbedded in the leg that is affected by lymphoedema. Am I at greater risk of Lyme because of this?

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If you got the tick off completely (nothing left behind) you should be OK - thoroughly clean the area with saline solution or disinfectant. Watch it, and if any redness appears over the next couple of days, around the area where the mouth parts were attached, get to your GP - you might benefit from oral antibiotics.

If you do what Lynora advised you should be fine. I’ve had many ticks over the years and not had infection or Lyme disease. Only certain types of ticks are more likely to carry Lyme. If you get bitten by then it’s not a certainty you’ll get Lyme. Tick bites can be very itchy for a few days afterward. This is not a sign of a problem, it’s just how tick bites are v

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