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Why is there no cure for lymphoedema?


In the next of our video questions Professor Mortimer discusses why there is not yet a cure for lymphoedema.


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Very interesting. Thank you

It is interesting (and frustrating) that lymphedema and for that matter the lymphatic system does not garner the attention of more than just a small fraction of the medical research community. I wonder how this (or if this) will ever change.

This is true, now many of us were aware of Lymphodema before we unfortunately acquired it. Mine was caused by the removal of lymph glands in my pelvic area, but although the surgery was bi lateral only 1 leg is affected. I think this is because the affected leg also has a trapped nerve, but of course this cannot be confirmed. Only sufferers know how it impacts our lives and it is often undiagnosed by GPs, my own had to do his own research. This is why it is low on the list of research fields.

Yes, my own new physician allows me to take the lead in determining my treatments as he informed me that they spend precious little time on the lymphatic system in medical school.This then begs the question as to why medical schools do not spend more time on the lymphatic systems and the diseases related to it.

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