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Diet for Lymphoedema sufferers



Does anyone know of a good diet for us? I don’t mean for losing weight but to help our condition.


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There are currently studies in the US of the effects of eating a Ketogenic Diet on Lymphoedema symptoms, link below.. Anecdotally it hugely improves symptoms and there is a Facebook group you may want to check out, Lymphedema and the Ketogenic Lifesyle The group admin is a qualified dietitian and has primary LE. I’ve followed the principles of a hybrid of Keto and Paleo diets for many years, the rare occasion I deviate wreaks havoc on my LE symptoms

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Thank you

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There are many people on the Inspire lymphedema site who say Keto diet has helped them more than anything else.

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I have found the keto diet has made a massive difference in reducing the swelling in my leg and maintaining it at near normal size. Would definitely recommend keto along with compression.

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Thank you. I’ll try it

Coconut oil and Apple cider vinegar has effect

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Does it?

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Nothing sure

I can’t find the Facebook page

Hiya x ive heard coconut oil is helpful for our condition,as its a medium chain fat. I eat coconut chunks and use coconut oil daily. I have followed a low carb diet for nearly two years now,and have lost weight everywhere except on my legs,where my lypho and lipo are.

But for all i know,if i wasnt low carbing,my legs could have gone a lot bigger than they are.

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Thank you

Hi my daughter is on a MCT diet which was recommended by St George’s hospital. It was prescribed to control lymphorrhea as medium chain fatty acids are not transported in the lymph system. It has also had a positive effect on her leg swelling and her general well-being.

Best Wishes

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Thank you

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