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SAPL (lymphedema liposuction) with Dr. Chen at Cleveland Clinic? Looking for patients who have had this with Dr. Chen and results


Hello, I am seeing Dr. Chen for evaluation for liposuction debulking plastics. Hope there are people on here who have had it with him interested in your results and experience.

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As this is a UK site you’re unlikely to get many replies. Dr Chen is very well known with an excellent reputation, as is Dr Granzow in San Diego. You’re likely to find more responses on a US site. I’ve seen many people talk about their surgery with Drs Chen. and Granzow on the FB group Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema It’s a private group with over 5,000 members (80% Americans), request to join by answering all of the questions. You might also try asking on the National Lymphedema Network page on Inspire which is US based. (It’s newer and so smaller than the Lymphie Strong Group)

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Hi thank you for your response. Where is that group? I looked here and on fb and I don’t see it

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Hi I found it thank you!

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I would also visit Breast as there is a lymhedema section and I definitely have seen Dr. Chen discussions in that section. Keep in mind, almost all will relate to secondary lymphedema from breast cancer.

Yes I’ve had two surgeries done by Dr. Chen. The first was the debulking and the second was done 10 months later and was a lymph node transfer. I am now over almost 2 years out. The results have been phenomenal and rest assured, Dr. Chen is an amazing surgeon! Please message me on Facebook if you have further questions.

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Hi riverqueenie, I was following the original post and I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had great results with Dr. Chen. Is the lymphedema in your leg? Do you have primary or secondary? I have it in my left leg and am waiting on insurance approval to have SAPL with a different surgeon, but I know how wonderful Dr. Chen is! Success stories like yours is what keeps me going. :)

I have secondary Lymphedema in my left leg as a result of ovarian cancer. I had a lymph node transfer in 2013, followed up by SAPL in 2018, both procedures were performed by Dr. Joseph Dayan in NY. After the LVNT, I had some softening in my calf in the area of the transferred lymph nodes. The most dramatic and life changing improvement was with the SAPL. Four liters of “gunk” was removed from my leg, from my upper thigh down to my ankle. At 2 years out, my leg is soft, there is no fibrotic tissue and no pitting. I do wear an Elvarex class III compression thigh high stocking and a toe cap 23/7 which is required to maintain the results. My affected leg is smaller than my unaffected leg. I can wear slim legged pants and boots. The recovery and aftercare was challenging, but worth it! My insurance company initially denied covering this procedure, stating that it was cosmetic. However, after disputing this and providing supporting documentation, it was eventually approved. Wishing you good health and success with your procedure.

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Wow that is wonderful news

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May I ask you what you used for supporting documentation is it photos?

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