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Compression pumps for treating arm Lymphoedema.

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I'm interested in purchasing a compression pump for home use, after trialling a Bio Compression pump with arm/vest attachment from my lymphoedema clinic. Results were promising, especially on chest/breast oedema. Surprisingly there is very little information out there re pricing, best machines etc. Anyone have information, advice, costing etc.?

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Maybe the Bio Compression pump is the one for you, since you have had promising results with it. I recently trialled a LymphAssist pump at my clinic, for my leg, and it didn't seem to do much for me although, as my nurse assured me, other 'leg' patients have had good results with it. So it seems that what works for one person isn't going to work so well for another.

I did a bit of market research a while back and got information (e.g. machine specification etc.) and pricing by calling the pump supply companies directly. One thing to factor in, pricewise, is the cost of servicing the pump.

Thanks for your quick reply. Like you I intend to do a bit research before deciding whether to commit to what looks to be a quite expensive purchase(although, there is a complete absence of information regarding even approx. pricing and maintenance costs). I find this very off putting if I'm honest. If only life were simple eh? lol.

I have a flexitouch from Tactile Medical. It is a wonderful company.

Hi Lulumarie! Thanks for your reply. Are you in the U.S.? I am in the U.K. and some of the machines are therefore not practicable or available to us.

I'm in the U.S. Sorry :( If they do service the U.K., that machine has done wonders for me. My quality of life has gone up so much. My vascular doc from the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus recommended it to me or I would've had no idea that I was a candidate for any pump.

hello just seen your post. I have a compression machine and am very happy with it. but, I did not buy an expensive one (some run into the thousands). I purchased mine from Sissel , yorkshire. its a "press 4 compression unit" its for whole body, legs, arm. it cost me £358 including arm sleeve. I am so glad I never purchased an expensive one (cannot remember name), but it was well over a thousand pounds. for me, this one does the job if used regularly. hope this is useful.

Thanks barkshire47, will look into it. You're right, it's a minefield out there! Not a great deal of information and a total silence regarding prices. I get the feeling it's akin to the early days of Double Glazing sales, e.g. you paid whatever they could get out of you, and how well you managed to broker a deal. Maybe I'm being cynical, but I feel if they were just upfront and more open about pricing, they would get a much better response from the general public. Thanks again for your helpful reply. x incidentally, how long have you been using the machine? How long will the garments(sleeve) last before needing replacement? What about maintenance of the machine? And, how much is all of this going to cost? Plus anything else I might not have gotten around to thinking to ask! lol.

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