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BEst machine to buy


Any tips on the best machine to buy.

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What machine are you referring to?

If you mean a compression pump what county are you in? (this is a UK site but also has many US members). Look into Lympha Press UK & US, Flexitouch Plus (Tactile Medical US), Lymphflow Advance (US). Lympha Press and Flexitouch are the market leaders in the US and the large insurers cover them. In the UK pumps are not available on the NHS. Some lymphie clinics have them for patient use. Some private insurers are covering pumps. I’m personally familiar with with Lympha Press and Flexitouch Plus, I highly rate both


I am based in the UK and I have also been looking into buying one myself.

Because of the high cost, I am hoping to try out first before buying

Would you know of any distributors that might allow me to try before buying.


In the UK, I believe the Lympha Press distributer is still Naomi who can arrange a trial - it’s not free but I certainly wouldn’t have invested thousands in my pump without first trialling it (and another make) for 2 weeks.

Naomi is on this site so she may see this thread and get in touch.

I can’t recall Naomi’s surname at the mo...

Lynora might jump in with it


Thank you very much.


Naomi Northen-Ellis - compressiontherapyuk.com/


Thank you.


I have the Lymph12pro machine which is from MJS group in Luton. I went to their offices to try the machine. I had already tried the Lmphapress which is a fantastic machine but for me very expensive to afford and also quite heavy and bulky to carry. I travel a lot so the size and weight of the machine is important for me.

The Lymph12pro and a leg garment was approx £1900 total and does all of the different cycles and pressures, the only thing it doesn't have is the countdown timer.

If you can afford the Lmphapress machine and size isnt an issue its probably a sturdier device however i am very happy with my little Lymp12pro.


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