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Does anyone have experience with tenosynovitis and lymphoedema? I've had it in my pre-breast cancer/lymphedema days and used a splint. I've been advised not to use one with lymphoedema. GP says i need steroid injection, but very long waiting list. Advised going private. I'm a bit concerned about having a needle stuck into my wrist. Grateful for any advice.

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Has anyone confirmed it is not infection? Are you under the care of a lymphoedema clinic - it may be worth getting an opinion from a lymphoedema nurse/physio before considering other treatment options.


I have been in email contact with the lymphoedema physio who also recommends not wearing a splint in case it aggravates the lymphoedema. I have small patches of red, but have had them for months. I have an antibiotic/steroid cream for that, although if the patches aren't too big I don't use it since long term steroid use on skin isn't advised. I do feel exhausted and the way I often feel with cellulitis, but because I don't have big red patches no-one will do anything as I know from previous experience, the theory being that if it is infection then my body is managing to cope with it so no need for antibiotics. I have this lump on the side of my wrist, which can be typical of tenosynovitis, but which the GP didn't even bother to feel and the cuff of the sleeve irritates this, especially as the day goes on. As I also have osteoporosis, I do wish someone had x-rayed my wrist, just to make sure. I'm at the point of abandoning my sleeve, using a splint and hoping for the best.


Are you in the UK?

When was your last cellulitis episode? When are you due to see the lymphoedema clinic?

Does the splint you use cover the wrist and hand, leaving the fingers open? Easily removed?


Yes, I'm in the UK. My last cellulitis attack started on 1st January 2017 (the date I stopped 2 years of prophylactic antibiotics). A new doctor at our practice treated me with 2 different types of antibiotic for 2 weeks (just about impossible to get GPs to prescribe for 2 weeks) and for the first time since 2010 I got total relief from cellulitis and the swelling in my arm and chest subsided for 2 years. Since the start of the year things haven't been so good. I've put it down to gaining wait (for which I blame the switch to letrozole last year). I do not go to the lypmpoedema clinic anymore, although I can email for advice and when I need new sleeves and gloves. The splint does cover the wrist and hand and leaves the fingers open. It does tend to make my forearm swell slightly beyond the splint. But to be honest I just want some relief from the tenosynovitis at the moment.



If you’ve had relief from wearing a splint in the past, then try it again - see if it helps. Is your lymphoedema well controlled with the sleeve? Could you wear the splint over the sleeve - on/off throughout the day? Wear the splint overnight without the sleeve? It appears you are getting very little help, but it should be examined closely, to rule out infection in the joint.


My lymphoedema is pretty well controlled with my sleeve and glove. It's not so good at the moment which I put down to the tenosynovitis. I think it's a case of experimenting with the splint. I did try it over the sleeve and glove and ruined them, so I think a bigger splint is called for! I certainly agree, it should be examined properly, but that seems difficult. Thank you for your help and advice.


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