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Long haul flights


I’m due to flight from the Uk to LA in a couple of weeks and am worried about going on a long haul flight. I haven’t had any treatment yet. My doctor has said the risks to me but has anyone actually had an issue and also is there any insurance companies that take people on with lymphoedema??!

Thank you in advance! ❤️

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Call the LSN helpline - they have details of travel insurance companies - they also have information leaflets which explain how to cope when travelling. You could also ask them about compression garment access. Which body part is affected by lymphoedema?


Thank you for the advice. It’s in both arms and in my right leg. I will give them a call!


I have had lymphodema in my arm for 15 years I have flown numerous times many long haul

with no problems although I always wear a compression garment.

You say that you’ve had no treatment yet are you able to get an appt at your local lymphodema hospital clinic to be assesssed before you go ??


I got authorisation from the clinic but only called them and they couldn’t see me until next year which isn’t great 😞


That’s awful what dreadful NHS area are you in ??


I must have travelled long-haul (12 hours) at least a dozen times return whilst having medium left leg lymphoedema.

Apart from exercising the legs with a short walk at regular intervals, as all passengers should, there are/have been no bad effects.

More recently I have done business class and the ability to lie flat for a decent spell means that I do walk better on arrival ie. less "stiffness." This wears off in any case.

I also break all the "rules" by having alcohol before and whilst flying, sometimes quite a lot, although not drunk level, of course.

I always have a wheelchair ready when I arrive (and in the departure process too incidentally) but this is mainly because of the long walks involved rather than due to the fact that walking is not possible.


Having the wheelchair is most welcome, I agree.



I use Age U.K. but I suspect you aren't aged like me ! They have provided me with very good cover for my severe Lymphoedema plus a myriad of other health conditions at fair prices since I reached 60.

I always contact the airline ahead of my flight to request a seat with more space so I can exercise my arm or legs without causing any other passengers injury !

I have always been granted my request and Virgin will bring me water to drink every hour or so and always ask me if I need anything else.

I do sometimes still have problems a few days after the flight but always travel with a 2 week supply of antibiotics.


Hi Musicalmellie18,

Compression garments are one of the best thing we lymphies can do for ourselves, one research study even saying people should get them immediately after surgery. That and manual lymph drainage. Perhaps LSN can give you some connections to obtain these. Bon voyage. Hope it is a very pleasant flight.

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I’ve travelled long haul many times with no problems. I always wear my garments.

I’ve always declared my Lymphodeama on travel insurance and always had it accepted, not been turned down by any travel insurance yet.


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