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Flying with bandages

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Has anyone ever had any trouble at airport security with bandying on.

I have a 10 hours flight to do and was hoping I could travel bandaged to make things more comfortable. Will a doctors note be okay or would they make me cut them off ?

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I have bandaged people before flights - none have been required to remove them. Some security staff may ask you to go through the metal detectors a few times.p! If your doctor is able to give you a letter, then take it with you, but they may think it's unnecessary.

I fly long hall 5 times per year and have never had problems at security - I have full leg flat knit garments on both legs and usually put wraps on top when I fly. I do have a doctors letter on me just in case, but never have had to use it at security

Flying long haul is NOt easy when in flight, especially with bilateral lower extremity LE. Ensure you have isle seat, it's worth paying for premium/more leg room seats (or business class if you can afford it!). Get up and walk around every 20-30 minutes, and drink twice as much water as you would orinatily. On a 10 hour flight I drink at least 3 litres of water and then more after the flight. There are other good flying tips and explanation of what flying cabin pressure does to you, on the Lymphedema Guru webpage - just google it. Lots of excellent practical and medical articles on LE.

Enjoy you trip x

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Stephob in reply to CCT67

I have flown long haul before just not with bandages I only wore garments . Yes have got premium seats :)

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CCT67 in reply to Stephob

I think airport security may scrutinise even more than they were following the recent Manchester terror attack. Probably best to get a letter from your GP. I have one as a back up.

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gillannan in reply to CCT67

I have a sleeve on my arm. The first flight with a sleeve I was asked to take it off. Since then 4 more flights and no problem


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Stephob in reply to gillannan

As in they made you take off your compression sleeve ?? :o

Yes looked and sent me on my way

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Stephob in reply to gillannan

Ah they didn't make you fly with it off then

I never had any problem to fly with bandages. Have a nice trip

No put sleeve back on once through security screen

Got a letter from the doctor today thankfully so all should be well,

Was frustrating when ( not my usual doctor) I explained what I have she answered, "what is lymphedema?" And can't I just take a diuretic 🙄

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