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Long haul flight stockings


Hi, daft question time but my holiday is around the corner and having never been on a long haul flight thought I'd better wear some flight socks. Does anyone know if you can use the white surgical stockings instead of buying flight socks? I'll drink plenty water and walk round lots but thought it better to be safe than sorry. Thanks in advance xx

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Get flight socks - they don’t cost that much, and are made for the job - or contact your lymphoedema clinic - they may have some class 1 compression knee highs you could have. You use an arm sleeve don’t you? Wear it from first light on the day you travel, until bedtime at your destination.

Get some antibiotics from your GP, and keep them handy ‘just incase’ - cellulitis can crop up any time, so with your own supply, you won’t have to find a local hospital or doctor.

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Thanks yet again Lynora. My own GP wouldn't give me antibiotics just in case so I went to another GP and she said most definitely so sorted with two weeks supply. Well get flight socks at airport. Take care xx

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If you can, get the flight socks in advance - freely available in chemists - just incase they don’t fit! Measure your legs just above your ankle bone, and under the knee - these sizes will be on the packaging. They need to go on first thing, on the morning of travel.

Good evening Lynora, could you please explain what iCellulitis is?

It is a bacterial skin infection, usually caused by ingress by staph aureus. It can be intensely painful - the affected area becomes red, hot to the touch, and very tender. It can spread throughout the body very quickly, becoming a systemic infection, and sometimes, if ignored or untreated, can turn into septicaemia.

Any reason you wanted to know?

I have a patch of red/plum coloured spots on the back of my lower right leg,Sometimes they get very itchy and raised after scratching...as well as painful at times.

It could be anything - get it checked to rule out the worst option! And don’t scratch!!!!

You may find it better to buy Men's flight socks to get the right size. My legs swell so badly that I used to buy my usual size for travelling on the plane but also take the next size up as spare so that if my legs were drastically swollen I could wear the larger ones for comforrt in the heat, lie flat as much as possible (legs supported on a pillow} and keep out of the sun. Drink plenty of water because your body tends to swell too.

Hi everyone, I just flew to Europe and back and wore my normal thigh high compression stockings, having never been told about flight socks! Are these available in the US? I did feel a bit more swollen during parts of the flights, but they weren’t super long flights and I’m used to moving around and shifting and squirming around in my seat because I’ve never been comfortable flying ( no one is, of course, but some people seem to be able to sit for hours in the same position without going insane). So my feet rarely sit on the floor and sometimes I even raise my leg pretty high up by sliding down in my seat. Probably not useful advice to a lot of people, but it seems to help me! Good luck on your flight, Broomie - where are you going?

I wear my normal knee length compression garments (both legs]. Did a 10 hour flight on 8th April. My return flight is on Friday.


when I fly I wear my compression stocking and wrap with MEDIWRAP 4" by 5 yards by fabrifoam using the velcrow... I put it on after i go throug security... I forgot one time and becuase no mettal nothing siad however esasier to go intoa bathroon stall and wrap it up............ I wear a shoe that works and long pants

I use three for the full leg... secured by


oops did not spell check before pushing the WRONG ... REPLY BUTTON my apologies ...need more coffee...

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