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Areas good for lymphedema treatment?


Sorry me again..

At the moment we are looking in North Yorkshire - believe Otley has a good lymphedema treatment clinic, Lake District- has another good one. Northumberland and Scottish borders is another area we are looking at.. lovely bungalows but need to know what services they have in these areas - if any? Many thanks for your advice xx

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Good luck in your quest.

If you are a member, call the LSN helpline, and ask if they have any recommendations/contacts in those areas. Few of the NHS services advertise anywhere, but the LSN will know - 020 7351 4480

Last I heard, and I'm happy to be corrected, the Borders service in Melrose was providing garments, bandaging and SLD instruction.

St Oswalds Hospice, in Gosforth, covers a huge catchment (well, to be honest, all the NHS services do!) and provides garments, bandaging, SLD instruction.

Leeds NHS Trust which includes Wharfedale Hospital in Otley, has a good reputation and offers all treatments.

Kendal, in the Lake District, has Kendal Lymphology Centre - which takes both private and NHS referrals, and offers a full range of treatments.

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Thanks Lynora that's very helpful... I am a member. I will ring them and check. Very much appreciated x

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