Lymphedema and Emuaid Max

Has anyone in the community tried and had any luck with Emuaid Max for clearing up your skin or for any other relief in relation to the disease. So many people are talking about this new treatment for so many other skin problems I thought that maybe it might be of use to us but looking at the price it's not something to try on a whim of hope that it might work. Hope someone has given it a go.

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  • Hi daxx11 - are you in the USA? Emuaid Max appears to only be available by mail order from the US. I have not heard of it, and cannot find out what its ingredients are. Are you using it?

  • we can now buy it here in the uk but no i haven't tried it yet which was why the post, i didn't want to spend all of the money on a product that was useless for what we need but the reports about it here and in the states are just so compelling that i want to give it a go.

  • I can't find any information about it's ingredients. I would be reluctant to pay money for something that is essentially just a moisturiser, and as Rebc says, there are lots of organic products on the market which probably do the same job.

  • A client of mine swears by it for relief of shingles pain, but has to buy it mail order from USA

  • it's also available in the UK.

  • That'd be amazing if we can get it in the UK. Could you provide a supplier info please?

  • I bought emu oil the last time I was in Australia,a little goes a long way. Great for dry skin.

  • If this oil is used just for mosturising the skin, then I think there is quite a large choice of even organic products in the UK for this purpose. Any of its properties that make the lymphoedema better?

  • don't know what you mean by make it better as we have this for life but Emuaid Max is suppose to clear up the skin totally with continued use but that doesn't mean and no one is suggesting that Lymphedema itself will be better only the outward appearance of it. I do hope that makes sense. You're right of course about other products but they only moisturise not heal.

  • I just wondered why you would prefer this particular moisturiser, which according to what you said, it's expensive and hard to find, when , in my opinion, it's by far better to put on the skin an organic product. We have to moisturise our skin and keep it in good condition; unfortunately, the skin is not the only thing we have to deal with in our continuous fight against lymphoedema.

  • you are of course right but even though i am not a vain person i would like to be able to wear shorts to work, or swimming as an example and not have people constantly ask what's up with my skin or have i been in a fire. some times i don't wear my stockings just because i don't want to and it's ok for maybe a few hrs or even a day and in those times i'd like to feel a little semblance of normality if only for a few hrs.

  • Sorry daxx11, I now understand why you are searching for that particular product. Are you sure that this product will produce the results you are looking for? Is your skin very, very dry? I came across Argan oil which is apparently used for skin diseases as well as cosmetics and even food, I think. Have you tried it? It can be found in many shops and it doesn't look very expensive and it's worth a try now, before the summer. I was also thinking that Vaseline can be quite useful and it's quite a natural product. I would also try avocado oil, which is used for food so if it's good to be eaten then it should be good for the skin. Try small quantities of those products for a week or so and see how your skin reacts to them. BTW, in the summer, I suppose you will be better to cover your legs so as not to burn your skin in the sun. You could wear light and maybe even transparent trousers. Just a thought.

    Something else, my late mother used to spread, sometimes, some butter on her skin, so this might be worth a try too. What do you think? Also, there are products from the Dead Sea (the area is known for clearing psoriasis) that are good for the skin and you can even get a soap too.

  • I still can't find a UK supplier, so if somebody could point me in the right direction I'd be really thankful :)

  • Just checked and found it at Amazon. The webpage is:

    and on:

    Hope it helps.

  • Found another supplier:

    They offer 1l bottle which seems quite reasonable as price goes. It will be interesting to know if people with very dry skin get relief by using thus emu oil. This company sells a soap as well which is important as normal soaps can dry the skin even more.

  • Thanks very much. Will pass the information along the line :)

  • in my ongoing endless search for a product to help clear up my skin i've decided to try bio oil instead of the vastly expensive Emuaid Max. i apply the oil every day after i shower and i have to say after 3 weeks of using the oil there are noticeable changes. if i could upload a pic here i'd show you but this site does not allow for that. this is not a complete cure for my skin problem not by a long way but my skin is no longer peeling away, the onion effect is gone and i'd have enough confidence to wear shorts now if the weather permitted. before anyone jumps on me bio oil has no effect what so ever on lymphedema .. none so don't try it for that. some of us have ended up with skin that looks like it has 4th degree burns if there was such a thing and we have been trying to find a workable solution to that part of our problem which is why i keep trying different products.

  • Yess bought 2 products Emauid max strength cream and Emauid bar soap for molluscum contagiousm a total of $78 rip off...I would defenitly not recommend this product to any one looking buy because I'll tell you right now IT DOES NOT WORK!! I bought it my self because of so many good reviews you read on theirsite. I felt super confident but at the end of time it does not work and you will NOT get a refund....once again trust me when I say DO NOT BUY!!!

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