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Are chills a part of lymphoedema?



Do you experience chills as a part of your disease? I get them regurarly. I am wondering if I have a lingering infection in reproductive organs or is this just lymphoedema. No fever or pain, just some tiredness, nausea and these shivers of cold.

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Chills have been noticeable during my current infection.

When you feel you've got over yours, it would be worthwhile asking for a thyroid function test. Make sure to ask for the test results, with the ranges. They may only test the TSH and say it's normal when higher than 2.5 should be of concern. Higher than 5.5 should get you a trial of treatment or further monitoring. Higher than 10 should definitely get you treatment. If your free T4 and free T3 are tested and in the bottom half of their ranges, you're unlikely to feel well. However, free T4 is usually now only tested when the TSH is below 1.0 and free T3 is tested when the TSH is very low -- both for diagnosing hyperthyroidism and over-treatment of hypothyroidism -- but they are also very useful for assessing hypothyroidism and its treatment. Along with antibodies, they can be tested with a private mail order finger-prick blood test from e.g. Medichecks or Blue Horizon. Whether you have an NHS or private test, you should have it in the morning before eating, and 24 hours after thyroid pills. If you take a supplement with biotin, it should be stopped for three days before the test.

H Ulverin

Both my legs are filled with Lymphoedema however the only time I have had chills is during Cellulitis infections (fever) or when I have flu/fever x

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