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Antibiotic dosing

I've started my fifth week on Doxycycline, and didn't think it was doing a lot, as I was getting periods of pain each day. I've got erysipelas affecting both lower legs.

I read some guidance that advised 200mg once per day, and I'd been taking 100mg twice per day. I discussed this with my GP and pharmacist and tried 200mcg in one dose for the first time yesterday.

Taking a day's dose in one go caused a bit of nausea. I hope I won't suffer intracranial hypertension. On the first day, my legs swelled and had increased surface blood flow (inflammation?) up to the top of my thighs. The thigh swelling and pinkness had gone today, and there's been very little discomfort.

It looks like this surge of the antibiotic was needed, and I can finally get rid of the infection. It's been a scary ride!

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Poor you. Good to hear you're out of the woods from infection and treatment on recovery road 😊


Doxycycline can at least be used long term rather than a short course of antibiotics, I hope the increased dose is working, I usually have Clyndomycin now if I need anything, I couldn't take Flucloxacillin anymore the nausea was unbearable. Good luck


Thank you.

Just to note that it's the same daily dose of Doxycycline, but taken in one dose. This simplifies the scheduling of meals, but carries its own risks: headaches and changes in vision should be looked out for. There have been cases of intracranial hypertension (with the risk of permanent sight loss) even in young women who were only a bit overweight, and on half my dose.

Flucloxacillin was no help, this time, so I suppose I have MRSA.

I'll see how it goes, and may yet have to go to my local hospital for a daily IV antibiotic.


Good luck!



You're meant to keep out of even hazy sunshine, when taking Doxycycline. I've only been out of the house a couple of hours per week for the past month, always on dull/rainy days. I wanted to go shopping today, but it was too beautiful a day and I didn't dare risk the 10 minute walk each way between the bus station and the supermarket.

No sudden periods of pain, but constant and fairly mild discomfort from ankles and feet today.

If I have to go in daily for IV antibiotics my feet will likely blister again, which I think caused the infection's entry point in the first place... Will try and scrounge a lift.


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