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Marks and dents

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Hello, having a another cellulitis bout and feeling really rubbish this time round, have been on Clarithmo 500 mg since Friday afternoon last week so expect to see some improvement any time, hopefully, fingers crossed.

What I would like to ask though has anyone got marks or dents on their legs? especially a dent that has a black middle to it on the front of the lower leg. It seems to have got a little bit deeper (it was on the surface a few months back), a little sore but that maybe the cellulitis as it is above the dent.

Has anybody else got or had anything similar (hope not), I was just wondering if this was a lymphoedema "thing"!!

Thank you xxxx

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Get back to the doc or have a chat with NHS 24 or even better go to A&E - if there has been no improvement on that dosage of clarithromycin in 5 days, then you need further assessment.

The dent could be anything, and no one here is qualified to diagnose - but if it has 'changed' then it must be checked.

Thank you Lenora I will xx

You definitely need to get that looked at and the sooner the better.

Thank you for replying Magpuss I was not sure if anyone else had "marks", this one has been here for 2-4 months but the black dot in the dent (size of a half pence piece that use to be), seems to be sinking further in, I was not sure if it was a sign of an ulcer. Not to worry I will get it looked at.

Take care.....x

I have dents on both my legs, but worse on my fattest leg. Both legs are also very lumpy and discoloured and each bout of cellulitis leaves further discoloration and marks and also takes that much longer to recover.

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