Lymphoedema surgery

Is anyone had lymphoedema surgery in Belgian? I suffer with lymphoedema more than a decade. NHS refuses to treat me in South Wales because, situation is not to bad. For myself is really bad, its really affecting my life negatively so thats the reason I`m looking for a surgery outside of U.K. How much cost the treatment in Belgium? I NHS help?

Many thanks

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  • If you use the search icon (top of the page - looks like a magnifying glass) and use 'surgery in Belgium' as your search, you will see a number of posts from 'law_student' who had surgery in Geel, Belgium.

    I doubt you will get funding from the NHS, but you could write to your GP to see if they might consider an appeal?

  • Hi amordemae2012. I'm new to LSN, but the nearest other member has showed up as being 20-odd miles away from me? I've noticed you're from S.Wales? Anywhere near Merthyr, as I could really do with a like-suffering friend right now?


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