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Lymphoedema surgery

Is anyone had lymphoedema surgery in Belgian? I suffer with lymphoedema more than a decade. NHS refuses to treat me in South Wales because, situation is not to bad. For myself is really bad, its really affecting my life negatively so thats the reason I`m looking for a surgery outside of U.K. How much cost the treatment in Belgium? I NHS help?

Many thanks

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If you use the search icon (top of the page - looks like a magnifying glass) and use 'surgery in Belgium' as your search, you will see a number of posts from 'law_student' who had surgery in Geel, Belgium.

I doubt you will get funding from the NHS, but you could write to your GP to see if they might consider an appeal?


Hi amordemae2012. I'm new to LSN, but the nearest other member has showed up as being 20-odd miles away from me? I've noticed you're from S.Wales? Anywhere near Merthyr, as I could really do with a like-suffering friend right now?



Hi I just found and joined this site hoping to get information on my condition

Told I have lymphedema my right leg is very swollen and left leg was but has gone down they both leak the left more then the right

The right leg had gone down then just went swollen again

I believe I have cellulitis because there is a fowl smell I clean my legs everyday it's very hard for me to elevate them for my heals are very soar and dry

And help info would be greatly appreciated

Oh and I'm in the USA if that matters

Thank you


Hi Fatleg1 and welcome to the gang, if you think you have cellulitis you need to get it seen too ASAP by doc or hospital they are the only ones that can help you with that so go now and keep us informed.


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