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First appointment

I went,t to my first appointment at clinic for Lymphoedema. The nurse was exstremely nice. She assured me to start taking my water tablet again. She said if I only had lmphodede I wouldn't take but having high blood pressure it would help me.she put bandages in my legs but I she don't want to put too much compression on as have lot of pain n my legs now. She has meauredc me for zip up support socks to my knees. Has anyone had these. I have never heard of these. Thank you

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The zippered compression garments are easy to put on, and should be very comfortable.


Thankyou very much


Hi hope you are not struggling to much with bandaging can be uncomfortable but makes such a difference long term.Have always had full length garments and although took a long time to get used to wearing them helped reduce the fluid in my leg.The specialist nurses are a godsend for both treatment and support Take care xxx


I'm sure it'll take time to get used to them, hope they help & you get some relief x


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