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Becoming a member of the LSN

Dear all, it has recently been pointed out to us that some folk on the forum may think that being pat of our healthunlocked forum means that you are members of the LSN with all the advantages of that. You are very welcome to the forum whether you are an LSN member or not but for a small membership fee of just £15.00 a year you can enjoy free fact sheets, access to our information and support line and copies of our fantastic quarterley newsletter LymphLine that is packed full of articles from Health care professionals and those living with lymphoedema as well as info on current research and treatment innovations. To join just go to our website lymphoedema.org

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I am a member of the LSN. I think it is well worth the £15/yr. The newsletter is very interesting and improving all the time. There are many fact sheets and a DVD which re-assured me that I was doing my exercises properly.

They need donations to function. I usually donate at Xmas (apart from other times) when I give the money, instead of giving presents they don't need to friends.

It's worth thinking about. Thankyou LSN.


I agree, the £15 is well worth it. I managed to get £2,000 treatment denied to me on NHS. But thanks to advice from the LSN Helpline the local CCG caved in - so I owe you!


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