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Hivamat for personal use

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Hi, I know this has been posted before but just wanted some up to date opinions on the Hivamat. I've read lots and it seems to work well especially for fibrosis and some people seem to find it really helps for self management. I wondered if any one who had bought one for personal use thinks it was worth the outlay? I gather they cost about £2k. It would be great to hear how often people use them - daily I presume?

I have read they will let you trial for a month, I can contact the company but wanted to get some personal experiences!! Many thanks

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Hello Dc33

I have the Physio Pod (aka Hivamat personal) which I use on my legs (primary full leg LE x2) for 45 minutes twice daily. I would not be able to walk and stay in work without my Physio Pod - it is worth far more than it's £2000 cost! This deep oscillation therapy has reduced my fibrosis so that I have sensation in my legs again where's the skin/tissue had thickened. It also does a great job of draining my legs of fluid due to not having any lymph vessels or valves or working nodes. I have a huge amount of lymph backflow and therefore require twice daily drainage. I also have weekly MLD from a therapist who uses the Hivamat whilst doing drainage - it's my favourite day of the week! :-)

If you look on the PhysioPodUK site you'll see my and others personal accounts of how deep oscillation has worked wonders to manage and delay LE disease symptoms. I take my Pod all over the world with me as it's small/portable and very light. I take it in my cabin bag and have had no problem travelling through airports/security in 5 countries so far. My Physio Pod Is the most important thing in my LE toolkit along with my bespoke compression garments.

Contact Julie or Mary (co-owners) at Physio Pod UK for details - they are both lovely and helpful. The website has detailed information about how deep oscillation helps LE limbs/symptoms

I've recently trialled the Body Flow for 1 month (totally different technology for drainage). I didn't find it helpful at all for my legs however some people do report benefits.

I don't think you can go wrong with the Physio Pod and would well be worth investing in one of your own. It's a pity the NHS won't pay for it but they haven't undertaken any research of their own. Independent research shows its effectiveness and I see and feel it's positive effects everyday of the week! I was lucky and had a Pod loaned to me by my local LE Clinic to trial and then after having such amasing results bought my own 1.5 years ago. Hope that helps

Cat x

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Dc33 in reply to CCT67

Thanks to you oth it's very helpful.

When you buy one is the card they provide programmed for you ? Do they show you what techniques to use and visit to show you?

Sorry for more questions I just wNt to be clear, it's a lot of money to spend.

Thanks again😀

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CCT67 in reply to Dc33

I'm happy to chat - it's understandbake that you want all your queries answered before a 2k spend!

I've got one, and used it for lymphedema in my arm following breast cancer treatment. I've had it for about two years - and use it every day (pretty much). I don't know how effective it has been - I think it's kept the arm soft, as I don't have any fibrosis but the limb volume hasn't gone down. that said I don't know how things would be if I wasn't using it. my advice would be get one.

I hope that helps!

Hi Guys please remember that it is unwise to give out personal or business telephone numbers on the wider forum. Also it is vital that you discuss any home based treatments with your therapist/GP prior to testing or unltimately purchasing as it may not be suitable for you.

Morning All

Just felt it approproprate to mention that personal units are not supplied to any Lymphoedema sufferes without they have first had treatment with Deep Oscillation and an agreed and mutually acceptable treatment outcome has been established with their MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist or Lymphoedema Clinic. All contraindications to the therapy are gone through, with full medical history, prior to treatment commencement. We take a great deal of pride in our duty of care. This is not an "off the shelf" product. We offer a caring and consultative service to all our enquirers. Many thanks all and have a great Easter, kind regards,. Mary and Julie, Sisters, PhysioPod.

Thanks Mary and Julie x

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