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Days off work

Hi all,

I have secondary Lymphedema from having cancer and Lymph Nodes removed,

I Work full-time im sat down the majority of the day,

Ive had the odd night where ive had very little sleep from my legs and had to have the odd day off work,

Some days I can feel exhausted after work

I just wondered if many others have to have time off work with Lymphedema

I can't seem to find a great deal of information on Lymphedema this site is about the best for details and advice.

Thank you

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Are you in the UK?


Ignore my last - I found an older post from you! It was the spelling that tripped me up!

Do you do any form of exercise? Walking? Cycling? Swimming? Did you look into Restless Legs (previous topic)? Some people find magnesium oil applied at night helps.

Is the pain in your legs keeping you awake? Have you elevated the foot of the bed? Do you need compression overnight? Could your clinic provide something like FarrowWrap, Juzo ACS, RediWrap etc?


I do a lot of walking

I also looked into Restless legs and tried to increase my magnesium intake I think the magnesium oil is definitely worth considering ,

I just find the odd day a real chore going into work My legs feeling really heavy !


What compression are you wearing? Have you mentioned your finer stuff to your clinic?


Yes, sadly I have one more appt then I will obtain my compression stockings through the Drs,

Im using jobst compression stockings



Everybody's lymphoedema affects them differently. There are some who receive benefits as they are unable to work - they may have other medical conditions as well, though. There is lots of lymphoedema information on the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) They also have a telephone help line. Sounds like you are needing your employer to make some adjustments for you (as per UK disability legislation, which automatiically covers you as a cancer patients). The LSN has information.


Oh ok!

Will look into that

Thank you for your reply 😀


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