My doctor promised to refer me to the local Lymphoedema Clinic. Have rang Clinic a couple of times but no referral. Rang my Doctor a couple of times who assured me that she had. To date, still no referral so call my doctor. Spoke to someone in surgery admin who said that they forgot to send it through. Bad enough that we wait ages for appointments/referrals and then we have to chase it up ourselves. Am so annoyed as its taken over 2 years for someone to listen to me then this happens. Arrggg. Sorry for sounding off but needed to get it off my chest

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  • I know exactly how you feel but for very different reasons. I hope you get an appointment soon x

  • Hi angie, the same happened to me doc said she would refer my I Feb but I rang clinic in April and no referral so got back on to doctors and they hadn't sent it to clinic and finally got a app 6 months later 2nd Aug, then my last app 30th Aug got cancelled as nurse went home poorly then they forgot to rearrange app until I rang them about it then got app 4th Jan.

    They all need to sort them selves out when people need to be seen.

  • I can empathise with you hun, think we in for a long journey x

  • They would soon get on to you if you didn't turn up for an appointment. I am so sick of them not doing their jobs properly and having to fight every step of the way to get some desperately needed help. I have seen countless doctors in the last year trying to get someone to help with what I know is lymphoedema and other health issues which are increasing. I have learnt more from this site than from useless doctors and so called specialists who just don't care and give the impression they want you gone so they don't have to deal with you.

  • I agree with you

  • Well said hebden, if it was not for this site I very much doubt if I would still be here. Like yourself have learnt so very much more than my doctor ever told me. In fact all I got was "oh yes it is cellulitis, I will give you some antibiotics to clear it up". Full stop. It just makes you not want to go and see anybody because they make you feel as if nobody cares. It is a fight to get them to understand and would love to get the powers that be involved to send a letter or something to the surgeries saying people with lymphoedema/cellulitis should be treated urgently and make sure the haughty receptionists do their job correctly.

    Take care hebden, your reply for me has said alot - xxx

  • Thank you completely-zero654 I believe this community and the other 2 communities on HU I belong to have definitely saved me. They have been their when Im at my lowest. I had similar from my gp. I had a really sore nasal cavity (I have suspected Sjorgens which dries eyes, nose and mouth) which kept bleeding and was tender to touch & I was given antibiotic cream for it and told by the gp to stop picking my nose! He didn't say what it was just to put this cream on it. I have found out recently from my medical notes Ive obtained that this was in fact noted as sepsis. Do doctors think that we are all so uneducated that we would not understand or want to know the truth of what is wrong? Since my leg and foot started to swell in January doctors have just shrugged shoulders and told me to moisturise. Of course it has got worse and more painful but I am made to feel this is my fault because of weight gain. I now dread seeing any doctors. Thank heavens for people here.

    Hugs Joolz.x

  • Hope you manage to sort things soon. It's certainly an uphill battle and can be so depressing having to fight all the way. We just want to feel that someone is on our side. Good Luck.

  • My doctors surgery are not too bad getting things done but I have problems with hospital appointments. Invariably I have to ring for one as I know when they should be. It used to be that each time I saw the oncologist, he would give me a form to hand in at the desk and they would make my next appointment there and then but not anymore. We shouldn't have to keep chasing them but do not know what the answer is except do the job ourselves!! I do hope you get sorted soon xx

  • Bless you Chrissie2 -xxx

  • You are not alone. See Karol Sikora and others' advice on

  • angie10, Please do not be sorry I found that all the people here are in the same kind of position or with other questions about lymphoedema. I am one of those people and having this page is somewhere to have a cry, groan, shout or anything else. There is always someone here who you can rely on and will answer your questions but most of all care about each other.

    I am so very sorry and annoyed that you have gone through this and sincerely hope that the person responsible has been repremanded for being negletive in sorting out your appointments. It is time doctors realised that this is a very serious "illness" and could cost a life if not caught in time.

    Take care and please get cross if you want to - xxxx

  • Thanks for your comments guys. I sometimes feel that if it wasn't for this site and everyone's help and understanding, then I'd probably crack up. x

  • My very different reasons are, I was born with glaucoma, well controlled with drops, had a cataract done a year ago, glaucoma flared up and last summer was told I'd be having surgery. I didn't, it flared up again a few weeks ago, one visit to a&e resulted in me being put on drops that I've been on for years, on Monday I spent 2 hours with a consultant, we worked out what we were going to do, got up Tuesday to a voicemail from her saying they're doing a different type of precedure which the day before she had said i wasn't suitable for!!!! I have to be in lunchtime Tuesday and who knows what they'll do for me x

  • WOW.....Don't you just hate being messed about. Hope things go well for you Tuesday and that they decide on a procedure suitable for you. Good luck x

  • Wow Jennymary, don't it make you want to scream. good luck and hugs. Joolz.x

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