My hubby was at the chemist getting my meds and he seen a machine that helps with swollen ankles and feet he spoke to the pharmacist about it and she went and checked what meds I was on and side effects I take nifedipine for Raysdisease I have been on it for years and she said it could be that it causes swelling of the ankles and legs I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow as I spoke to him on the phone and he wants to check my legs because of the itching and redness of them.Thanks for Reading

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  • Good luck, hope your appointment goes well x

  • This could be good news for you this like, let us no what doc says then, ask for something for ya restless legs while ya there x

  • I said to him on the phone today so will see what he says tomorrow x

  • All the best Liz ..

  • Good luck Liz

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