Cellulitis again

Three years have passed since my last post on cellulitis. I'm in Berlin staying with my son and on Tuesday I became really poorly with flu like symptoms and a high temp. When I got undressed for bed I soon realised what it was. I had my emergency antibs with me and started straight away. I saw a Dr on Weds who said it was a severe bout and impressed on me the need to rest. She gave me 2 weeks antibs. I've done nothing for 3 days and am still lethargic. I go home on Thursday and am wondering what to do about my compression sleeve for the flight. Should I leave it off??? The flight is only an hour and a half.

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  • If you can tolerate it, wear it. If not, don't worry, but as soon as you get home, continue with the advice about rest. And take the whole course of antibs, please!

  • Yes I will. Fear not. This bout has scared me as I see no reason for it. No cut or scratch. The only thing I did was not moisturiser for a night. Surly that wouldn't cause it!!!!!

  • Very unlikely lack of moisturiser. It could have an 'indeterminate' cause. You were in the right place though - cellulitis is taken very seriously in Germany.

  • It certainly is. So is Lymphoedema. All the physios here are trained in MLD. They tell me that they would carry on till my arm is back to normal. It would be on prescription if I lived here. I've had quite a few sessions with them. It's very different to my area of Essex where no one offers it.

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