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Lymphedema in a wheelchair

Hi I have lymphedema in both my legs following cervical cancer. For the last four years I've been confined to a wheelchair and finding it extremely difficult managing any kind of exercise. Is there anyone out there with some tips? Thinking about investing in a pump but they are do expensive. I also suffer with re occurring cellulitis.

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Sorry to hear about your problem. I am afraid I cannot help but hope you find some way of getting your pump or someone to help you with some exercise. Do you have a lymphoedema nurse who may be able to help? Also have you tried the LSN for advice? Best wishes to you x


Is your Clinic or doctor following the guidelines for treatment of recurring Cellulitis? They are on the LSN website. If you have more than 2 episodes a year you should be on a preventative dose of antibiotics once you have been treated and are recovered. Every episode damages the lymphatics further. Also, are you wearing compression hosiery suitable for your condition? These steps should be in place before you consider expensive equipment.

If you can stand up and down regularly, that will help, but I know you said you are in a wheelchair. Try and keep your feet moving, including the toes and elevate the legs when you can for a couple of hours. You can try upper body exercises seated and Simple Lymphatic Drainage techniques.


Hi Chrissie

I teach yoga as an adjunct to my day job. There are a whole range of movements you can make while in your chair to keep blood and lymph fluid moving. You can e-mail me at and I will send you some guidance by reply

Best wishes


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Good Day!

Happy to know that you are self encouraged in regards to getting your exercise routine going. Perhaps using an ankle pump or a restorator to cycle at wheelchair level to get you started. The best

Suggestion from me would be to visit a local CMLD practitioner once the cellulitis is controlled by a physician. Once the cellulitis is gone, swimming is great for management. Keep trying for you can only get better. VISIT Renewlifewellness@gmail


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