Taping problems

After being diagnosed with breast Lymphodema a year ago, one treatment is use of kinesic tape, i brought some from a well known sports shop did a patch test, all OK and as it was in offer got lots of it, over time though it started to aggravate my excema so I recently brought a roll of K-Active and again my skin has reacted to it, has anyone else had this, and is there an answer to it, as I know I need to wear it to help my Lymphodema, love and hugs to all xx

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  • Give your skin a rest - do not apply the tape for at least 7 days. During this time do SLD on a daily basis, and apply a good quality moisturiser. Before you apply the tape to your affected area again, do a patch test on the lower arm on the unaffected side, just below the elbow crease.

  • Hi Lynora thank you for your advice, i've been OK on a patch test, but what I've been doing is just keeping the tape on for a couple of days then using my excema cream and moisturiser. I was hoping to tape for a few days each week, but I think I'll tape for a couple of days every few weeks, x

  • I would avoid the cheaper tape that you can buy in sports shops and speak to your pharmacist or physiotherapist to check the ingredients list on the medically branded tapes. so much cheap stuff is flooding the market and we have to be so careful with our skin.

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