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Advice please


Thinking of buying a pump to help my arm lymodema? 

Where do I get one and what am I looking for ? 

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Have you asked for advice from your Lymphoedema Clinic?  There are several devices on the market. You could Google pneumatic compression and see what comes back. It is not just a case of putting your arm in the device, turning it on for half an hour then back to normal activities. You need to be shown SLD to the trunk and neck, in order to maximise the effects of the pneumatic compression.

I have several clients who haveinvested but because they didn't follow up with self care, found that any good results were short lived so didn't pursue use and sold them on.

If you do invest, ask for a trial period and make sure you learn SLD to maintain any reduction inlymphoedema.  

Hi I have been using a Lypha press with SLD for over a year now and haven't look back. I haven't had cellulitis, have come off antibiotics and my arm has reduced in size and is softer. I have had arm  Lymphodema for 9 years and am so pleased I spent the money for this. I use it for 40 mins every evening and even take it to my daughters in USA as extra hand luggage with a Drs letter

There are other machines out there as well

I use a Flowtron but have tried it before I bought one. Lynora's advice is the best. 

Are you in the US?  I just order one from Tactile medical. You can look at their products on line. My therapist gave me a card. 

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No in uk very much lack of help with this lymodema they cure cancer now feel just left 😢

hello Jane. There should be a clinic attached to your local hospital for lymphedema to give advice etc and also Lloyds pharmacy do many such items.

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