Funding for supermicro surgery/anastomosis

 Funding for supermicro surgery/anastomosis

Please could anybody tell me how to find an old post that gave information on how to gain funding for this operation. I believe the post was by somebody called law student and they were offering copies of the letters and forms could be used. I think somebody also said that it was worth contacting their MEP rather than MP. I have been told my daughter can apply for this but she does not know about it and therefore I need to do as much as I can to make this happen!! Many many thanks X

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  • A lot depends on where you live. There was an article in the Daily Mail at the weekend written by Martyn Halle. It states that the Welsh NHS are running a three year study into LVA with 42 patients at a total cost of £373,000.

    Alex Ramsden who runs the Oxford Lynphoedema Practice and works at the Oxford NHS Trust has been promoting LVA for a couple of years now.

    Maybe you should track him down and get his advice.

    Good luck,

  • I tried to get funding 2 years ago but was told that it's not available due to the 'experimental' status of the procedure. I self funded my operation at Oxford Lymphodema Practice. It came in at less than the cost of a new car and thought it a good investment ... Plus my case is now part of the evidence base that may hopefully prove that this is an effective procedure in aiding the management of Lymphodema.

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