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i joined this forum a few months ago and enjoy and learn lots from reading the posts. I am not a natural with 'posting' so I hope this reaches the right audience! What has surprised me in everything I have read is that nobody seems to mention the lympha-press pumps and trousers. I invested in mine earlier this year and it has been the best investment into my health that I could have made; yes it was quite expensive but it really works. My lymphoedema is in my legs and the improvement is better than I could have hoped for. If you get the opportunity to try it you should, I did a 2 week trial to make sure that it was the right thing for me and there was no pushy sales person. I hate this condition it is devastating but now I feel as though I have a bit of control back and am doing something to make sure it doesn't get worse. I got it from a company called Compression Therapy.

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Hi hm2005, Thank you for sharing this info and reporting the press-pumps are working well! Good news, happy for you. This is my first post here so just learning how to get around the site, etc. I'll post an intro about myself if I can find where to post:-)

Just wanted you to know others are here right now, Oct 9, 2005, as so many posts are dated long ago.

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my pleasure. I really like the lymph press because it fits over the tummy and groin (like a very big pair of trousers!) so i don't get any swelling or fluid building up. it has a pre therapy cycle that works on opening up before the main massage that clears the swelling. its also really relaxing.

I am in the USA. I have the sequential pump with the sleeves for both of my legs. Keep up with it. I stopped using it and am having an episode for the first time since I was diagnosed 3 years ago. The summer was here it was hot. I stopped wearing my wraps and now have to start over. Taught me an important lesson. This disease is 24 hours, day 7 days a week, no time off. I hate it. However, it must be managed ......

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